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Cider NZ represents the Cider producers who are members of the NZ Fruit Wine and Cider Association (FWCMA). The aim of Cider NZ is to promote the many styles of cider available in NZ through the annual NZ Cider Awards and through supporting The NZ Cider Festival.


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2023 Cider Festival

A Festival to Celebrate all things Cider!

Join us in November 2023 in Hastings to celebrate the diversity of Cider, including both traditional and contemporary styles from around the country. Festival goers have the opportunity to sample a range of products from our Cider makers

2023 FWCMA Awards

The NZ Fruit Wine & Cider Awards aims to recognise the high quality cider, fruit & vege wines, mead, alcoholic ginger beer and alcoholic kombucha in NZ.

Click here for the Rules & Guidlines.

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Cider shaking off the dust

Cider shaking off the dust

The way we drink as a nation has changed. We don’t have the rugby, racing and beer culture quite like we used to. These days, it’s just as commonly craft, culture and cider. Check out this stuff article.